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I like to play with words. It gives me certain excitement every time I do it. That’s why I love to play Scrabble, Word puzzle, Letter Linker, and any other word-game. But for the past month, I discover a new word game for me. Who knows if later my friends also enjoy the game I’ve been playing. It’s called Dicktionary. It’s not necessary a real “game” actually, it’s a new way to define a word. Like dictionary, but funnier. Since I’ve been doing this only on Twitter, so I put a hashtag #dicktionary at the end of every definition I make. You can check it by following me at @elsara.

There’s another Twitter account  (@Daffynitions) who regularly post similar word-game like mine. As you can see from his account name, he also provides us a daffy-definition for each word. I’m in no position to judge which definition is better, mine or his, but you can check both of our timelines and look which one suits you most. And after all, we both welcome you to create a unique-cool-yet-funny definitions!

Here is the compilation of my Dicktionary (will be regularly updated):


Affair: A perfect slice of blueberry cheesecake between your diet. 

Awkward: Playing Je T’aime by Serge Gainsbourg  & Jane Birkin on your phone but the earphone didn’t plug correctly, so the loud sex moan roams.


Cappuccino: Another language to say “I don’t really like coffee, but ordering hot/ice chocolate makes me look lame”. 

Chili: Basic proof of sadomasochism. 


Death: Just like love, it’s about time. 

Donuts: Insanely overexposed for a food with hole.  


Football: Soccer with better name. 

Flu: Just like the phone-sex; love the voice, hate the rest. 

Fever: Should be a good reason to get extra attentions from your loved one(s). 


Good night: A sugar-coated sign for “I’m bored talking to you”.


High heels: Silent killer, physically and financially.


Indonesian horror movies’ title: Lampu Hijau’s headline evil twin.


Love song: Makes couples happier, makes singles shittier.


Monday: Something that starts your week, but ends your joy.

Money: The cure and the cause of almost every problem in the world.


Pants: Something to wear that longer than shorts.


Relationship: Between hello and goodbye. 


Shrink: Luckier than bestfriend; they get paid.

Something like that (ya gitu deh-Indonesian version) #1: A force-shutdown button when you run out of idea in the middle of presentation/ meeting.

Something like that (ya gitu deh-Indonesian version) #2: When you finally realized you have no idea what you were talking about.


Theatre: A place that also provide space for those who don’t actually care about the movie, A1-2.

Third person: The unhappy souls savior, from another point of view.


Warhol: The man who sold banana and became world’s famous & rich.

Wedding bouquet: A grenade bridesmaids want to jump on. | via @trutv :))

Weekend: Days before it, don’t matter.

With all due respect: Something to say before you pissed someone off by an irritating and/or insulting comment.