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Not Your Ordinary Tempeh

You would probably think anything that is ‘local’ are overused and become gimmicky. Well, you better sit tight, because this train is not planning to stop anytime soon. Here’s a brief story behind the seller story video production that is inline with the #ShopeePilihLokal program. A short reading to end your Saturday night!

For a nation who loves to read any new good news about their country or their citizen who gain success abroad (be it as an athlete, musician, scientist, actors, etc), local pride has always been there; rooted deep within, between the thin layer of our skin and flesh. It could look like a solid cheer after a nation winning on badminton tournament. Or an ear-to-ear wide smile after a pair of limited edition shoes from the local brand you’ve been eyeing is now officially in your cop list.

If it’s a type of food, I do believe ‘local’ is a tempeh, rather than the stink bean. It’s versatile, accessible, and most importantly tastes good and full of nutrition. In short, it’s everyone’s favourite despite the different preferences. You may like mendoan, but your brother would prefer orek tempeh, and your boss would add tempeh chips to her favourite snack list.

To say the ‘local’ is the new cool is an understatement, if not an insult. It’s always there and always be part of our life whether we realise it or not. It’s now emerging into something much bigger like a well trained king and queen ready to take back their majestic thrones.

If you’re assuming I’m talking about Indonesian SMEs and local products, well, you’re not wrong.

Our team has the privilege to work with many local SMEs that have paved their way to the global market. Through the #ShopeePilihLokal program, buyers abroad now have the front row access to purchase their products at Shopee.

AEROSTREET is one of them. This Klaten shoes brand has expanded their market to Singapore and Malaysia. Like in textbook on how to start a business, Adhitya Caesarico, the owner, has started small. He distributed school shoes offline, from store to store. After many ups and downs, including the harshest of all—the pandemic, his business survived and now more growing than ever.

Adhitya and AEROSTREET is just a tip of the iceberg. There are still many successful stories that have yet to be told. So it’s only natural for our team to slither in and take the initiative to be the storyteller. From what we once called ‘Sukses Bersama Shopee’, it now transforms into ‘Shopee Pilih Lokal’ for the obvious reason.

AEROSTREET most probably does not need a success story video in the first place, their follower alone at Shopee is 452k (!), but we need them, along with other local SMEs to go hand-in-hand promoting and distributing our own local pride.

So please enjoy the latest episode of Shopee Pilih Lokal featuring AEROSTREET.

Hopefully our little contribution will reach every corner of kiosks that just opened and started small, every active stores at Shopee which are on their way to achieve the star seller status, every local entrepreneurs who are struggling to make ends meet, and to every buyers to never feel indecisive anymore for buying local products.

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Introducing the SPL – AEROSTREET production team:

Abdillah Subarkah – Producer
Dede Fauzi – Director
Delly Hendrawan – DoP
Vascal Sapta Hadi – Videographer & Editor
Malinda Hapsari – Art Director
Zaenita Aziza – Production Assistant