Seriously Joking with Shopee Canda

Our new regular content #ShopeeCanda was quickly gained popularity since its premiere on Youtube last Wednesday, July 13. Still relying on the same comedy pillar, we did a format refreshment and pivoted a bit from the typical stand-up comedy. Then we mixed it with a good ol’ local comedy (lawak) which proven made our nights and living room livelier and full of laughters back in the 90’s and early 2000.

The premise is very simple: how four suburban men who regularly ‘nongkrong’ at Pos Hansip interact with the passersby. The hard part is choosing the right talents. We’ve come up with several pairs of personas and judge them based on their role and chemistry with each other, before finally decided to go with Tretan Muslim, Rigen Rakelna, Indra Frimawan, and Hifdzi Khoir. It’s totally unscripted, except for the passersby/participants part, which they’re required to write a 1-2 minutes bits. So as you can imagine, we heavily relied on the four comedians to make the ‘story’ flows. The result was…well, as expected, but still a bit surprising!

We’ve achieved 100k views in less than 24 hours (slightly over 16 hours to be precise), surpassed 200k views on Day-2, and hit 300k views on Day-4, also a total of 1.5k NEW subscribers added so far from this single video! As of this blog is posted, the video has garnered almost 500k views!

The velocity is fairly good too, with 2.7k VPH (views per hour). If you’re wondering what VPH means, VidIQ translates it as a great way to determine which videos are taking off to become viral. For comparison, the talk of the town #VinDes ‘Tepok Bulu’ got 3.4k VPH for their 8.7m views video since published 2 weeks ago.

By far, this is our best regular content, performance-wise. And to consider that this was all done organically, I gotta say it out loud and proudly that our teams (I’m talking to you content, creative, and production squad!) “Still got it!” ✨

🔗 Watch the new format of Shopee Canda on Shopee ID YouTube 👉🏻

Producers: Tini BohangPricila Putri MedianiZaenita Aziza (Asst.)
Creative: Joshua Alexander WijayaMalinda Hapsari
Director: Delly Hendrawanfikri barizqi (Asst. Dir)
Videographer: Vascal Sapta HadiRizky FachridoAlmitoshima Yumi Anggas
Editor: Yandra Bima Satria
Animator: M. Irfan
Photographer: Galih Dirza Zhafiri
Youtube Specialist: Trie Marnita Purba

Lumbung Magazine for documenta fifteen

In less than 2 weeks, documenta fifteen will be officially opened in Kassel, Germany, from 18 June – 25 September 2022. ruangrupa, a Jakarta-based collective was appointed as the curator—the first Asian curator to be precise—of this world renowned art exhibition.

For those who are not familiar with the art world, documenta is considered as one of the most prestigious high-quality global art event and even holds special position or on par with other world class biennales, such as the Venice Biennale or the São Paulo Art Biennial.

Judging by the scale of the project, it’s only natural if the collective has prepared for this project since 2019. The official announcement of ruangrupa appointed as the curator itself was on 22 February 2019 by the general director of documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH, Dr. Sabine Schormann.

The concept ruangrupa has prepared for documenta 15 is “Lumbung”. A lumbung – or rice barn – is a place to store communally-produced rice as a common resource for future use. If documenta was launched with the noble intention to heal European war wounds, this concept will expand that motive in order to heal today’s injuries, especially ones rooted in colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchal structures. (read more about the concept here)

So in short, it’s a communal work where curators, technologists and economists, as well as other initiatives and collectives in different corners of the world are working closely for this exhibition. These collaborators are then expected to employ their respective strategies in reality by grafting their existing practices, to then be staged in Kassel in 2022.

Now, here’s the exciting part.

Majalah lumbung for documenta fifteen, cover design by oomleo
Lumbung magazine English-German edition (cover design by oomleo)

I’m excited to share my involvement in documenta fifteen as editor for both Majalah lumbung and lumbung Kios publication. But since the work for lumbung Kios is still ongoing, I will only share about majalah lumbung. The use of Indonesian words for ‘majalah, ‘lumbung’, and ‘kios’ is intentional.

(Read also why I decided to take this project some times ago.)

As part of the exhibition, documenta fifteen is publishing two issues of a magazine that hone in on the core idea of the exhibition – collective working. The lumbung component in the title refers to the communal rice barn where Indonesian farmers store surplus crops to share. The two issues, Harvesting and Sharing, will be published together in one volume to accompany the exhibition.

Two edition of Majalah Lumbung (Indonesian-English version)

In total, there are 26 short stories and features by leading journalists, researchers, and writers from Indonesia, majalah lumbung touches on topics such as cosmology or architecture, food or eating together, thereby forming a foundation for the content featured at documenta fifteen. The individual contributions are conveyed through numerous illustrations and an attractive layout in magazine quality.

I worked along Putra Hidayatullah who also one of the lumbung members as Indonesian editors for this magazine. Each of us took one edition to work on, me with the ‘Harvest’ and him with ‘Sharing’. Then I continued the work as the editor and proofreader for the Indonesian and English languages. Zamira Loebis, a lecturer/ interpreter/ journalist/ TIME correspondent acted as the translator team leader for this magazine.

It was a pleasure to worked along great minds and amazing contributors from all over Indonesia, including one of my long-time idol in the field of social, art, and culture, Prof. Melani Budianta, M.A, Ph.D.

Prof. Melani Budianta’s writing for Lumbung Magazine

My favourite writing was from Rahmadiyah Tria Gayatri, a cross-media artist, producer, activist, and disaster literacy activist. Her piece is about collective movements after conflict and natural disasters in Central Sulawesi. She shared a haunting experience as a conflict and natural disaster survivor, but somehow managed to craft it beautifully and in a poetic way.

So if you’re in Germany or will be travel to west Europe around the same time of documenta fifteen will be held, make sure to pay a visit to this 100-days of world class art exhibition in Kassel and buy a copy of majalah lumbung!


The magazine is part of the four publications that are centered around documenta fifteen principles – like collectivity, sustainability, and shared resources – not only in terms of content, but also in their production process, appearance, and mode of distribution.

Majalah lumbung is published together with Hatje Cantz as partner publishing house and will be available in Indonesian, English, and German.

Approx. 320 p. | approx. 200 ill. | 20 x 26 cm | Softcover

€ 28,00 [D], € 32,00 [A] | ISBN 978-3-7757-5285-5 | June 2022

Not Your Ordinary Tempeh

You would probably think anything that is ‘local’ are overused and become gimmicky. Well, you better sit tight, because this train is not planning to stop anytime soon. Here’s a brief story behind the seller story video production that is inline with the #ShopeePilihLokal program. A short reading to end your Saturday night!

For a nation who loves to read any new good news about their country or their citizen who gain success abroad (be it as an athlete, musician, scientist, actors, etc), local pride has always been there; rooted deep within, between the thin layer of our skin and flesh. It could look like a solid cheer after a nation winning on badminton tournament. Or an ear-to-ear wide smile after a pair of limited edition shoes from the local brand you’ve been eyeing is now officially in your cop list.

If it’s a type of food, I do believe ‘local’ is a tempeh, rather than the stink bean. It’s versatile, accessible, and most importantly tastes good and full of nutrition. In short, it’s everyone’s favourite despite the different preferences. You may like mendoan, but your brother would prefer orek tempeh, and your boss would add tempeh chips to her favourite snack list.

To say the ‘local’ is the new cool is an understatement, if not an insult. It’s always there and always be part of our life whether we realise it or not. It’s now emerging into something much bigger like a well trained king and queen ready to take back their majestic thrones.

If you’re assuming I’m talking about Indonesian SMEs and local products, well, you’re not wrong.

Our team has the privilege to work with many local SMEs that have paved their way to the global market. Through the #ShopeePilihLokal program, buyers abroad now have the front row access to purchase their products at Shopee.

AEROSTREET is one of them. This Klaten shoes brand has expanded their market to Singapore and Malaysia. Like in textbook on how to start a business, Adhitya Caesarico, the owner, has started small. He distributed school shoes offline, from store to store. After many ups and downs, including the harshest of all—the pandemic, his business survived and now more growing than ever.

Adhitya and AEROSTREET is just a tip of the iceberg. There are still many successful stories that have yet to be told. So it’s only natural for our team to slither in and take the initiative to be the storyteller. From what we once called ‘Sukses Bersama Shopee’, it now transforms into ‘Shopee Pilih Lokal’ for the obvious reason.

AEROSTREET most probably does not need a success story video in the first place, their follower alone at Shopee is 452k (!), but we need them, along with other local SMEs to go hand-in-hand promoting and distributing our own local pride.

So please enjoy the latest episode of Shopee Pilih Lokal featuring AEROSTREET.

Hopefully our little contribution will reach every corner of kiosks that just opened and started small, every active stores at Shopee which are on their way to achieve the star seller status, every local entrepreneurs who are struggling to make ends meet, and to every buyers to never feel indecisive anymore for buying local products.

Find other episodes of Shopee Pilih Lokal on our YouTube channel:


Introducing the SPL – AEROSTREET production team:

Abdillah Subarkah – Producer
Dede Fauzi – Director
Delly Hendrawan – DoP
Vascal Sapta Hadi – Videographer & Editor
Malinda Hapsari – Art Director
Zaenita Aziza – Production Assistant

Endah N Rhesa – Pulang ke Pamulang: Hunian Bernama Rasa Nyaman

Sempatkan menonton video musik “Pulang ke Pamulang”, niscaya kita akan merasa sedang berada dalam sebuah tur virtual menuju suatu daerah suburban di selatan Tangerang bernama Pamulang.

Endah N Rhesa seakan memandu kita dalam perjalanan mereka pulang lengkap dengan visualisasi lirik lagu yang presisi. Melewati satu per satu penanda kota sebagai pengingat bahwa kita sudah berada di Pamulang:

Merayap di jalan layang / Danau yang tenang / Rindang pepohonan / Terlihat kuda berkawan / Langit berawan / Tiba di bundaran…

Endah N Rhesa merilis lagu “Pulang ke Pamulang” pada awal Oktober 2020—sekitar 9 bulan sejak pandemi merebak. Orang-orang mulai terbiasa berkegiatan dari rumah dan membatasi frekuensi bepergian. Ada sedikit perasaan getir saat pertama kali mendengar lagu ini dan meresapi liriknya. Betapa makna ‘pulang’ semakin terasa sentimental dalam situasi yang penuh keterbatasan dan kewaspadaan.

Seperti Pamulang yang lebih dari sekadar rumah bagi Endah N Rhesa, ‘pulang’ juga memiliki makna yang lebih luas dari kembali ke hunian. Bagi keduanya, pulang juga berarti kembali ke seseorang atau perasaan yang membangkitkan nostalgia dan rasa nyaman dalam diri.

Simak penampilan kedua Endah N Rhesa di Shopee Tunes yang kali ini membawakan lagu “Pulang ke Pamulang”. Teriring doa dan harapan-harapan baik untuk Sobat Shopee yang saat ini terdampak bencana banjir. Semoga semuanya dikuatkan, senantiasa diberikan kesehatan dan perlindungan, serta bisa segera kembali pulang—baik itu ke hunian, seseorang, ataupun rasa nyaman yang familiar.

Selamat menikmati.

🔗 Tonton penampilan Endah N Rhesa – When You Love Someone:

🔗 Tonton penampilan musisi lainnya di Shopee Tunes:

Producers: Abdillah Subarkah, Kartini Bohang, Pricila Putri

Art Director: Malinda Hapsari, Narasty Amalia

Director: Fikri Barzqi

Videographers: Almitoshima Anggas, Vascal Sapta

Editor: Almitoshima Anggas

Photographer: Galih Dirza

Content Lead: Deasy Elsara

Endah N Rhesa – When You Love Someone: Berani Ungkapkan Rasa

Berbicara tentang musisi tanah air dalam formasi duo, tidak banyak yang bertahan lama, apalagi dengan tetap menghasilkan karya yang relevan tanpa kehilangan karakter. Endah N Rhesa​ adalah salah satu yang tak hanya mampu bertahan selama hampir dua dekade, tapi juga tetap produktif menelurkan karya-karya baru yang sigap mengikuti perkembangan zaman.

Agak sulit mengategorikan musik Endah N Rhesa ke dalam satu genre. Mengutip dari situs resminya, pasangan musisi ini ingin menghadirkan nuansa folk, ballad, blues, jazz, serta rock and roll dalam setiap karya mereka.

Di Shopee Tunes kali ini Shopee mengundang Endah N Rhesa untuk menampilkan salah satu hit single-nya yang berjudul “When You Love Someone”. Endah, sang vokalis, menciptakan lagu ini pada tahun 2004. Saat itu ia masih bersolo karier setelah hengkang dari band lamanya. Sementara Rhesa hanya tampil sebagai pendukung ketika Endah manggung membawakan lagu ini. Tak lama setelahnya, keduanya memutuskan untuk berkarya bersama. Bisa dibilang lagu “When You Love Someone” inilah cikal bakal terbentuknya Endah N Rhesa.

Mungkin tidak banyak yang tahu kalau lagu ini nyaris tidak dimasukkan ke dalam album debut Nowhere to Go (2009). Siapa sangka, justru lagu “When You Love Someone” menjadi salah satu lagu Endah N Rhesa yang paling populer. Nuansa folk dan ballad terdengar kental dalam lagu bertemakan cinta ini. Liriknya sederhana, mengajak kita untuk berani menyatakan perasaan cinta. Jangan ada kata malu dan takut dalam perwujudan cinta dan cita.

Hampir dua dekade setelah diciptakan, lagu “When You Love Someone” masih terdengar relevan, bahkan mampu bertransformasi dalam semesta makna yang lebih luas lagi. Bukan tanpa alasan jika akhirnya Shopee Indonesia memilih lagu ini sebagai musik latar video “Rayakan Hari Ibu dengan #SambutHarapan​”​ pada 2020 silam.

Simak penampilan Endah N Rhesa membawakan lagu “When You Love Someone”. Semoga di Hari Kasih Sayang ini, kita semua dapat merasakan hangatnya dekapan cinta orang-orang terkasih, baik dalam wujud fisik, virtual, maupun dalam lintasan doa.

Selamat menikmati.


🔗 Tonton penampilan musisi lainnya di Shopee Tunes:

Producers: Abdillah Subarkah, Kartini Bohang, Pricila Putri

Art Director: Malinda Hapsari, Narasty Amalia

Director: Fikri Barzqi

Videographers: Almitoshima Anggas, Vascal Sapta

Editor: Almitoshima Anggas

Photographer: Galih Dirza

Content Lead: Deasy Elsara