Gemini Complex



I probably came to this world as a Gemini for a reason. Not only because I was born on 25th May, but the twin symbol of this sign, is an actual reflection of myself. I just found out about the meaning now. A little bit too late, I must say.

I was a happy and optimistic kid. One thing led to another, that little girl was forced to slowly disappear. She can’t bear living in this far from the idealistic version of her world.

And now I’m here; a 26 years old cynic. A stranger to herself. Alone in the crowd. The other twin.

I miss that happy-optimistic kid.

Deep down inside, I know I have to find that little girl again. So I can be happy, so I can feel complete.


16 April 2012
Pk. 20:04

4 thoughts on “Gemini Complex”

  1. hei! I was born exactly on May 25th too!! but seriously, travelling to the past, talking to the kid version of us are always giving this melancholic feeling, right? dulu gw pernah nulis soal perjalanan ke masa lalu dan bahkan saat menulisnyapun rasanya jadi rada melankolis. here is the link, hope you like it too.

    hope you finally find that little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello there long-lost male Geminian who shared the exact birthday date with me, nice to finally “meeting” you. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Bicara (atau menulis) soal masa lalu memang sering–kalau tidak selalu–menciptakan perasaan melankolis. Karena kita sadar, itu tempat terjauh yang tidak akan mungkin kita singgahi lagi.

      1. Hahaha gw somehow lupa kalo ada hari anak nasional dan sedunia segala. Geblek ya? And dare I say I once worked for Save the Children the NGO. But while the children day remind us to take care of the children, the future of our generation, we also need to once in a while โ€˜talkingโ€™ to the children inside us, remind ourselves on the ideals we use to have, and all that. Seperti kata elo,masa kanak2 adalah tempat terjauh yang tidak mungkin disinggahi lagi.

  2. Ups maaf salah post. those supposed to be a reply for your comment in my site. haha.maklum masih ngantuk

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